There is always a beginning 3
Clinical Applications of Embryology

Perception – interpretation – integration

Henry Kleßen D.O.M.R.O FSCCO

The third part of the seminar series “The beginning is always” is an expanded and in-depth consideration of the fundamental philosophy of osteopathy, “to correct the structure and to improve its function”. The basis is the merging of the developmental dynamic processes of embryogenesis with their characteristics of the early and late metabolic fields. It leads to an interaction of the tissues which fundamentally determines the mobility and physiology of the various organs. For osteopaths, this means that the interaction of all tissues is in the foreground at every moment during a treatment. In this sense, mobility becomes a ‘way’ rather than a ‘tool’ to express tissue integrity. The expanded view includes finding the missing link between function, loss of function and classic pathology on the “path”.

“We must learn to communicate and cooperate with the laws of nature that were not created by man.”

These words came to us from Dr. still, dr Sutherland and her disciples (1).


  • Epithelial – mesenchymal interactions as the basis for exchange and metabolism.
  • Genetic and epigenetic factors.
  • Interferences – cell maturation – differentiation
  • Osteopathy and its interactions between the different types of tissue organizations.
  • Seminar requirements:
  • Completed 4-year full-time or 5-year part-time training and part 1 and 2 of the seminar series “The beginning is always”.

Seminar date

Friday 03/11/2023 to Sunday 05/11/2023


Hotel Best Western Papenberg in Goettingen
Hermann-Rein-Strasse 2
37075 Goettingen

Anatomical Institute of the Georg August University of Goettingen
Human embryological documentation collection Prof. E. Blechschmidt

Daily times

Start: Friday 10.00 a.m
End: Sunday 1 p.m

Number of participants

Max. 24 participants


The seminar is certified with 30 points by the VOD.

Participation fee

540 Euros


Henry Klessen D.O.M.R.O. FSCCO