Henry Klessen



  • Physiotherapy training in Berlin
  • Studied osteopathy in the USA and at the IWGS in Hamburg
  • Training as a non-medical practitioner in Mannheim
  • 1997 established his own osteopathic practice
  • 1999 Defended and awarded the Diploma for Osteopathy (D.O) in front of an international jury at Frauenchiemsee

Further Activities

  • National and international teaching activities in Germany, England, Argentina and Switzerland
  • Since 2002 teaching position at the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy (FSCCO) in England
  • Publication of specialist articles, co-author of the "Handbook of Pediatric Osteopathy" and author of the textbook "Osteopathy - Architecture of Balance"
  • The current focus of work is the merging of medical and scientific disciplines and the principles of osteopathy