There is always a Beginning 2
Clinical Applications of Embryology

Perception – interpretation – integration

Henry Kleßen D.O.M.R.O FSCCO

The seminar is a continuation and deepening of the biokinetic and biodynamic features of the early metabolic spring (part 1).

Each part of the embryo develops in motion, and each movement contains the dynamics of development of each subsequent one
Development. Thus, the tissue differentiations build on each other. All anatomical structures undergo a developmental movement that follows a path that the organism travels both in space and in time.

In adolescents and adults, it is important to be aware of this process. Reconnection means “keeping each end state in active connection with the beginning through what we call consciousness.

With every touch, the osteopath makes a dynamic contribution to the development of the individual in and out of the vitality of the epigenetic field.

The various later metabolic fields, their importance for the course of the development of organs, the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system are worked out in detail and their clinical application possibilities in practice are presented.


Introduction to the topic and relevance to osteopathy
Brief review of early metabolic fields
Osteopathic treatments and tissue interactions of the late metabolic fields
Epigenetic Fields
Milestones of the fetal phase up to birth
The relationship between developmental movements and general movements.
case studies
Merging and integration into the treatment principles of osteopathy.
Seminar requirements:
Completed 4-year full-time or 5-year part-time education.

Seminar Date

Friday 03/25/2022 to Sunday 03/27/2022 (fully booked)
Friday 03/03/2023 to Sunday 03/05/2023


Hotel Best Western Papenberg in Goettingen
Hermann-Rein-Strasse 2
37075 Goettingen

Anatomical Institute of the Georg August University of Goettingen
Human embryological documentation collection Prof. E. Blechschmidt

Daily Times

Start: Friday 10.00 a.m
End: Sunday 1 p.m

Number of Participants

Max. of 24 participants


The seminar is certified with 30 points by the VOD.

Participation fee

540 euros


Henry Klessen D.O.M.R.O. FSCCO