There is always a beginning 1
Clinical Applications of Embryology

Perception – interpretation – integration

Henry Klessen D.O.M.R.O FSCCO

One of the most important functions of perception for osteopaths is the maintenance and continuation of the universal law of prenatal developmental dynamics.

The process of self-design and self-renewal continues into old age. It takes place as activation and maintenance of what is already present during embryonic development.

Because: “There is always a beginning”.

The easiest way to get a natural insight into these processes is to study the growth and development processes from the onset of fertilization.

The seminar is a synthesis of perception, maintenance and continuation of the biokinetic and biodynamic laws of embryology and their clinical application in osteopathic practice.

A comprehensive theoretical background and in-depth practice enable participants to feel the tissue interactions and to differentiate in which type of tissue physiological and pathological events take place. Recognizing the missing link between function, loss of function and pathology leads to sustainable tissue integrity. In addition to theory and practice, a visit to the Blechschmidt collection in the Anatomical Institute in Göttingen is planned.


Metabolic processes and fluid dynamics as the “motor” of embryonic tissue differentiation.

  • Early metabolic cycles, polarities and differences in growth
  • Metabolic fields
  • Outside – Inside differentiation
  • cotyledon differentiation
  • Formation of the embryonic body and body axes
  • Skin and cell membrane – balance and induction of metabolic processes.
  • Interactions of tissues and their kinetic and dynamic properties.
  • Morphogenetic fields – pattern formation – regeneration
  • Cerebralization – Cardialization – Hepatization
  • Function and differentiation of the midlines
  • Developmental movements of the CNS, the viscera and the extremities
  • Seminar requirements:
  • Completed 4-year full-time or 5-year part-time education.

Seminar date

11/11/2022 – 11/13/2022 (fully booked)
04/28/2023 – 04/30/2023


Hotel Best Western Papenberg in Goettingen
Hermann-Rein-Strasse 2
37075 Goettingen

Anatomical Institute of the Georg August University of Goettingen
Human embryological documentation collection Prof. E. Blechschmidt

Daily times

Start: Friday 10.00 a.m
End: Sunday 1 p.m

Number of participants

Max. 24 participants


The seminar is certified with 30 points by the VOD.

Participation fee

540 Euros


Henry Klessen D.O.M.R.O. FSCCO