“Head Correction”
Skull Deformation in Infancy and Childhood

The treatment of skull deformation in infancy and childhood

We will present the various changes in the shape of the skull and their influence on the complex functional relationships of the human organism with a holistic view.

Using case studies from our practice, the various skull deformations and their consequences are treated according to the principles of biodynamic embryology and osteopathy.

The basis for this is formed by development-kinetic relationships of embryology and the chronology of the growth and maturation processes.

As the skull develops, the contents form the vessel…

J. Schowing (1974)


  • “Then and now” – how the shape of the skull was treated.
  • The anatomical and physiological features of the different skull shapes.
  • Biokinetic and biodynamic laws of embryology as the basis for the growth and maturation processes of the skull.
  • What factors affect the shape of the skull.
  • Complexity of treatment in theory and practice.
  • What can we advise parents to help shape development.


Friday 05/05/2022 to Sunday 07/05/2023


Mattli Antoniushaus
CH-6443 Morschach, Lake Lucerne

Further information on the homepage www.antoniushaus.ch

Daily Times

Friday: Start at 10 a.m
Sunday: end 1 p.m

Number of Participants

max of 20 participants

Participation fee

750 CHF incl. script


This course is certified with 30 points by the VOD.


Henry Kleßen D.O.M.R.O. FSCCO